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Today's feature: PS CS5 - Working with Variables

Hello, Friends! In this episode of 'The Complete Picture', Adobe's Julieanne Kost demonstrates the incredible power of 'Variables' in Photoshop. We'll learn how to cut out hours of our production time when we need to combine text and photographs.

By the way, this feature has been in Photoshop for many releases, however only a small number of Adobe customers know about its immense power for tasks such as automating event photography, creating web banners and graphics. Enjoy!

Maximizing Performance with Intel Xeon Processors

Posted by Chaella On Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's feature: How to Configure a High-performance Workstation for Production Premium CS5.5

In today's video, Adobe's Karl Soule shows us all we need to know to get maximum performance from the applications in Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 for video production. We will learn all of the hardware-related factors that influence how the software behaves, and see how to properly balance a system with Intel Xeon processors, the right amount of RAM, and high-performance Intel solid state drives.  Enjoy!


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